Capture the Flag:

Two teams start at either ends of the woods and when the whistle blows; each team need to cross to the other side and capture the opposite team’s flag and run it back to their own base.

First team to capture both opposing team’s flag – WINS.

Attack & Defend:

Aim of the game is for the attacking team to capture all barrels and bringing it back to a designated spot without getting shot. If a player with a barrel gets shot, he/she has to drop the barrel and go back to their side.

The defending team have to defend the barrels without going past a designated line – also avoiding getting shot.

The teams have 15 minutes to accomplish their goal.


Similar to Capture the Flag, teams will have to pop the opposing team’s balloons as quick as possible, while defending their own balloons.

Running the Gauntlet:

Everyone’s favourite “game” – except for those running it 🙂

These are some examples of the games available but at Cotswold Paintball, we are open to different game suggestions to cater to your needs.

Just speak to one of our marshals and we will try our best to accommodate!