• What is Airsoft?

    Airsoft is a sport in which participants aim to eliminate one other with shots of small spherical pellets that are fired from a replica firearm. Originating in Asia in the 1970’s, Airsoft really took off in the UK in the 1980’s.

    All firearms must meet the required pressure tests before they can be used in competition. These tests are taken out before every competition, to ensure that the rules are met and safety standards are adhered to.
    Most airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic pellets (or BBs) at relatively low speeds fast enough to feel, but slow enough not to cause serious injury. They can fire the BB’s up to ranges of 150ft, but are a lot less painful than a paintball when they hit you. The many weapons have both semi and full auto capability and they look like their real world counterparts. Airsoft guns look like the real thing so are legally classed as a Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) by the government.

    Airsoft Skirmishing is great fun! No matter what age gender or level of physical fitness you have, everyone can enjoy it. Like Paintball, Airsoft is primarily a team sport and players quickly learn that working together can win a game. Unlike Paintball where players are marked when hit, Airsoft uses an honour system whereby you call yourself out when hit. Games normally have ‘medic’ and ‘regen’ rules which means you may only be ‘out of the game for a few minutes’ no one sits out for the rest of the game when hit. Airsoft gamers are therefore very honest and friendly, with a strong worldwide community. We have marshals that monitor the games and will promptly address any concerns players may have. Sportsmanship is the key!

  • Is Airsoft safe?

    Your health & safety are EXTREMELY important to us. Our fully trained and professional staff provide a full safety brief at the start of the day and in game Marshals ensure safe operation throughout your day. Airsoft equipment like most things in life is perfectly safe provided you adhere by the rules and respect it. All players are fully insured and are required to READ and SIGN an insurance waiver.

Ready to give it a go?

We don’t just cater for the avid Paintball fan, we also cater for those with an interest in Airsoft. We have all ages and genders that join us for our Airsoft competitions.

To book your Airsoft session or even to see the events coming up then please contact us here